Friday Finds

There were so many great ideas out there last week it was hard to share so few! Next week I'll be adding a "Friday Finds" Linky so any of you with a blog can share your "finds" posts with all of us (whether you post them on Friday or, well, any other day)!

@Keeper of the Home: Mom and kids got together all the BPA-free sippies that they could get their little hands on and share their insights in a genius post. Answers so many questions.
@Mushy: Printable cookie bags to cut, glue/stitch/tape and give. Very cute!
@Full Circle: Peanut butter and birdseed (the old standbys) create a clever birdfeeding garland. Love this creative idea!
@Fun in the Making: Also for the birds, a few recycled craft supplies and some fuzzy nesting material become a super-cute bird nesting material dispenser. (We usually hang our nesting material loose on the bushes, but this is far, far superior.

@Slugs on the Refrigerator: Salt dough makes chunky beads for a toddler-made necklace, and check out her tip for painting the beads!
@Under the Highchair: Love this 'Pat the Bunny' birthday party for a little one, and the cake! Oh, the cake!
@Montessori Mama: We've done this a few times, but her version of the ball tube seems especially good!
@Chica Schmica: Instructions for a simple 5-minute kite...hopefully the wind will calm down enough for us to try this :)

@Little Hands Big Work: This mom put together a felt busy book that kept her kid occupied for (gasp!) 30 minutes in church! Looks like fun!
@The Sparkling Martins: Snow days are more fun with's a recipe for Snow Toffee! (be aware, this blog has music)
@The Artful Parent: Jean shares her plans for a creative activity each day in March.
@Lovely Design: Sweet goodie bags (with even sweeter goodies!) make a two-year-old birthday extra-special.

@Molly Chicken: I've stitched a softie up for each of my children...all but dear Sweet Pea. I think she'll be getting one of Molly's Love Birds, since she just loves to put things in pockets.
@Mom in Madison: If you're looking for a gift, I'd love a mushroom-growing kit. I'm sure the children will learn to love them as much as I (and Denise!) do!
@The Toby Show: Put together a fantastic craft kit as a thoughtful gift for the little one in your life!
@Pepper Paints: Simple, messy (but easy to clean!) recipe for soap crayons.
@Write Start: I love this idea for creating tactile sand-letters. So simple!

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