Clothespins + Buttons = Cute Clips

I use clothespins for everything.  I'm still working off a shoeboxfull that came with our vintage fifties ranch so I haven't had to buy any for a long, long time.  That said, I was getting a little tired of the old, not so cute ones so we decided to pretty some up with buttons snatched from our button jar.

The children made pretty button stacks and I glued them together and attached them to the clothespins (since I was using my very favorite, but patently child-unfriendly E-6000 adhesive).  I helped Daisy lay out the others and glued them for her.  I've since added magnets to the back and they're doing good work holding up our school schedules and grocery lists on the fridge, while others are sorting papers for me on my desk and we made a few more to use as bag clips in the kitchen.

What do you use clothespins for?
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