Friday Finds: Stuck Under 18" of Snow!

Thursday brought a wonderful early-Spring blizzard (much needed--the weather's been so nice we haven't been able to stay inside!), 18" of blowing snow, beef stew, house+made doughnuts, puzzles, and books.  Such fun.  All the kid-fun really wore me out (or maybe it was the cocoa drinking?) so I'm keeping it short this week.  Or trying to :)

I'd love to see what you've been up to!  Share a link to a recent 'finds' or link post, or another recent post that you'd like to share.  I can't wait to check them out!

@Joy's Hope: Love this way to make boring, old, or otherwise unappealing hand-me-down shoes fun and sparkly.  I may do this for myself!  I mean, for my children!

@Write Start: Fun quill-pencils make writing fun (and easier than trying to use an actual quill!)

@Jan Brett:  We're all enjoying the Jan Brett/Hedgie printables lately.

@See the Woods and Trees: This is the most creative use for catalogs I've ever seen!  Cut, collage, and make a dollhouse (I especially love the clothesline :)

@Trey and Lucy:  We love bandannas (or 'hankies' as they're known 'round these parts) and this bandanna dress is so cute!

@Lovely Design: I adore these beautiful books for children, with such wonderful instructions.

@Whimsy Love:
  I have so many of these chenille stems, I can't wait to use them up with this fun little project...princess tiaras!

@Chasing Cheerios: We love to play Haba's 'Zitternix' game (a.k.a. 'Keep it Steady').  Chasing Cheerios has a great DIY version.

@Simple Green Frugal Co-op: An interesting post on children and the pressure to buy--something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately.

@Let's Explore: Love these little mini-clipboards!  Definitely making some to add to our nature kit.

@Balancing Everything: I always enjoy this blog, and especially liked this idea for letter practice.

@Second Story: has three free kids' audio books for download.  Second Story has the details.

Have a great weekend!
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