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With Josie starting Kindergarten, Jasper now in Preschool, and two wild mornings alone with Adelaide (who is usually asleep for most of it), plus naps, playdates, laundry, dinner, bath, bed...It's been crazy! I assumed that after a few weeks we'd slip into a nice routine, but some days it feels like I need to look at my dayplanner to know what I'm supposed to do next. I'm sure it will come with time, but for now it feels a bit like being on a treadmill. We're also camping this weekend (with family friends and our new pal Mr Heater), then leaving a week later for a roadtrip to an Arizona wedding, so we've got a lot to look forward to and plan for.

I have to send my sincerest thanks to Melissa for not just one but three blog awards (oh, more or less!), and I'd like to pass the 'i love your blog' award along to six of my favorites, the blogs I check every day even if I don't reasonably have enough time:

maya*made (maya has a gorgeous aesthetic and is so creative as both mother and person)
Lets-Explore (love to see what her girls are working on)
Amazing Trips (reminds me that I could do better in more chaos)
Make and Takes (always, always a good idea)
Julie K in Taiwan (loved those soft sushi last week--terrycloth for rice, brilliant!)
Little Birdie Secrets (just the cutest stuff)

Anyway, today we're making a batch of Carrot Cake Cookies with Citrus Cream Cheese icing for snack at preschool and Kindergarten tomorrow (it's "C" week at Josie's school and I thought it might make Jasper more excited to go if he were bringing a special snack).  They are just delicious, and the icing can't be missed.

Jasper and I had a great time together this morning making 'fossils' by smashing plastic dinosaurs and snakes between layers of playdough, then peeling them apart to see what we got.  We also made another batch of granola, since I'm thinking of going all Amy at Angry Chicken and cutting out the boxed snacks and cereals.  It's so nice to be able to do things like this individually with the kids again now that school has started.

So, this week I have a few more boycrafts to share, a special breakfast idea with my fresh batch of granola, and a bunch of great space books to share with the rocket-loving-kid in your life.

Also, if you're looking for any of the old Kiddio posts, check out the archives section over on the right side ---->  I've added a search box to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. 
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