Swap Reminder, Pics, and Flickr

I'm so pleased that many of you have emailed or posted to say that you've gotten your swaps out on time! I just wanted to post a little reminder that yesterday was the deadline for mailing and share some pictures others have posted.

Amy put together two neat little stationery folios...see what's inside at Let's Explore!
Amy's partner Melissa put together a lovely package too...check out One Crafty Mumma to see the lovely stationery she tucked inside!

Clara and Ellis got a lovely package from Brystal and Contessa (top pictures), and sent a beautiful set Contessa's way. See more at Two Little Birds, Two Little Beasts.

We'd love to see what you put together for your swap package...share pictures at the Kiddio Mail Swap Flickr Group, and leave a comment below! Thanks so much for playing! (p.s. I fixed the link to the group!)
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