Ask Kiddio!

Hey there readers! You all have been leaving me the nicest comments and dropping the most thoughtful emails in my inbox. It got me to thinking. As just about anyone who's met me will attest to I love to give advice. I find it absolutely irresistible. Not only that, my passion is research (in a previous life--the pre-kid one--I was a Developmental Psychologist...all about the research) and I know just enough about everything to say something about just about anything. So welcome to my new feature: Ask Kiddio! Got a question? I can help you out. Trouble finding crafty inspiration? Stocking your craft cabinet? Finding your inner fun mom or fostering your kid's creative side? I am here to help. I'd love to hear your questions and give you my best insight.
So hop to it! Either leave me a comment on this post or drop me an email at amanda (at) kiddio (dot) org with your questions. Look for the answers in the coming week!
Thanks for playing!
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