Friday Link Roundup

I've got a number of things you don't want to miss this week, but I've been trying all day to get this posted so I'm going to keep it pretty simple!  So much inspiration, though, so read on:
  • Cindy at Skip to My Lou stitched a little pencil pouch for her son out of his discarded Capri Sun pouches.  I thought that this was especially helpful just for the technique!
  • Chasing Cheerios' Melissa and her toddler O whipped up a batch of homemade tortillas (we love to do this, even if they always turn out a bit thick).
  • Sure, it's a bit early, but I'm a sucker for baby food jar crafts.  Make Baby Stuff has a quick tutorial for turning them into snow globes.   
  • Big and Little shared a recipe for zucchini brownies.  I can totally see that this would be delicious, and after seeing the fudgy goodness she created I'm definitely trying the recipe.
  • Julie K in Taiwan showed off her texture boards and their nice little storage box.  These look like fun for little hands, especially with those puck-shaped crayons that are so easily made in a muffin tin! 
  • This is an old post, but new to me...Wise Bread has a recipe for DIY moon sand.  As expensive as that stuff is, and as cheap as sand ought to be, I'm totally into this.
  • Melissa at One Crafty Mumma shared the puppet theater she and her kids created.  I love the curtain! (and considering that ours has just been left out in the rain all day I think we'll be making another...thanks for the inspiration!)
  • Amy at Let's Explore shared her go-to list for simple, clever activities to keep her preschoolers occupied.  Seriously, good stuff here!
  • You may well have seen these, but I'm a bit barrette crazy (and anti-bangs), so I have to share Angry Chicken's super-cute felt-covered barrettes, and The Long Thread's ribbon-covered barrettes.
  • Plum Pudding posted with pictures of some handy postcards she cut from cereal boxes.  I love the graphic design of cereal boxes, and Megan makes the point that cereal boxes are a great source of handy, lightweight cardboard (and I've been throwing those treasures away!) 
  • I've tried to introduce the concept of weaving to Josie a few times, but it never quite sticks.  I quite liked All Dressed in Blue's yarn cup.  I think she might actually get that!
Have a fun weekend!
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