"snow-globe" bracelets: link

Having a girl is easy. Glitter and sparkly pink sequins are appealing to most, drawing flowers is girly, dress-up clothes are usually dresses (have yet to find a 'prince charming' costume in the Disney aisle at Target). Socially, my dress-wearing, pink-loving, flower-picking boy may grow up to be an outcast if we keep down this path. Long story short, I'm always looking for boy-appropriate crafts, and this one at Scribbit really hits the mark with boy-appropriate bracelets, and would be fun for younger and older kids. I was thinking that you could make a little kit out of the items for a birthday gift (see, there again, it's easy to come up with handmade, thoughtful gifts for girls, harder for boys...), or use it a a playgroup or birthday party activity. Michelle at Scribbit calls them 'bracelets of power;' Josie thought they were fun like snow-globes : )

Photo from scribbit.blogspot.com
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