Fascinating Creatures: music

Fascinating Creatures

By Frances England

suitable for all ages (even mommies and daddies!)

We love music around our house. There's always something playing in the kitchen, in the car, downstairs in the playroom...the big kids even wake up to music (although I should really change that CD, I'm getting sick of it!). I think it makes us all happy and makes me feel a little less like I'm living on the kiddie treadmill (want want, need need, screaming, arguing, want want, mommy mommy!) and makes tea parties feel less like drudgery and more like, well, more like a party. It also keeps the kids happy (and quiet, which they typically are NOT!) in the car for long periods. Since it is on ALL. THE. TIME. I'm really picky about what we listen to. Elizabeth Mitchell, Dan Zanes, Jack Johnson (thanks to the Curious George soundtrack the children think all of his music is for them) are on heavy rotation, and Frances England quickly found her place among those big names.
The songs are cute, light, and clever with an indie rock bent that Daddio and I find pretty listenable (since we have to listen to the same track sometimes 479 times in a row) even if they're about tricycles and often mention underpants. England's voice is a little southern, a little Neko Case, some Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, but honestly so unique as to defy description. Each song is unique but comes together into a very cohesive album where every song is truly excellent.

Mommmy: favorite track: "Fascinating Creatures" Between you and me, I listen to the CD when I'm alone. On those rare--very rare--occasions it brings me peace. I sing her songs to myself when I'm doing laundry. It's on my iPod. If you don't have it, buy it, get it at the library, steal it from a friend, whatever you have to do.

Josie: favorite track: "Daddy-o" because it's about Daddy and I like everything about that song.

Jasper: favorite track: "The Books I Like to Read" because, because, because I like the Hungry Little Caterpillar and the, um, Busytown.

Keep a look out for a review of "Family Tree," Frances' next album and a giveaway coming up around May 20, the scheduled release date!
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