No No Yes Yes: book

No No Yes Yes

Written and Illustrated by Leslie Patricelli

0-3 years, board book

Playing with bath toys in the potty = no no. Sitting on the potty = yes yes. Leslie Patricelli's newest book gives plenty of fun, visual examples of happy baby behavior. Each pair of pages shows the happy baby (boy? girl? does it matter?) engaging in a pair of complimentary, sometimes silly, behaviors. Cutting hair? NO! Cutting paper? YES! The last page spread gives a number of smaller illustrations of no nos and yes yeses. Patricelli's other books include Baby Happy Baby Sad, Big Little, Binky, Blankie, Quiet Loud, and Yummy Yucky.

We at the collective have loved Leslie Patricelli's books since Josie was a baby. "Yummy Yucky" was our first and caught us with her simple, colorful illustrations, sparse text, and general silliness. It provided a great jumping off point for clarifying what yummy and yucky were for baby Josie, for learning the sign language for each, and as she got older it was a simple book for her to 'read' to herself (or recite at least). When I spotted Patricelli's latest two releases I was so excited!

No No Yes Yes
captures the same qualities and introduces more truly helpful concepts like not pulling the cat's tail, holding hands while crossing the street, not ripping books up, etc. With Jasper (2.5 years) it was nice to move from page to page and ask "What's the no no on this page?" or "What's the big boy doing on this page" to really draw his attention to the ideas rather than just looking at the great illustrations. The topic and illustrations really suit our (how can I put this delicately?) eccentric parenting style and capture the kids illustrations.

Mommy: Another book I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Josie: It was so silly. It was so fun, I would say it's a five. Five stars. So good. Really for Jasper though. It was too easy for me.

Jasper: I think it is ... I want read it again. It be really good.
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