Feels like summer

We've had gorgeous weather off and on the past few weeks (it'll be 70 one day and snowing the next) and I feel summer calling. This year feels like an important one with Kindergarten for Josie and Preschool for Jasper looming this fall, and I'm really torn. At this point I think I've decided not to sign up for art classes (like the program Josie did last summer), zoo camp, soccer camp, gymnastics once a week, etc. I have a vision of playing outside a lot, hiking, camping, spending a lot of time at the pool, hanging out with friends, picnicking, berry picking... I'm just afraid that I'm setting myself up for major failure. I'm just not used to spending every day with Josie (she has preschool three morning each week), and I've really been enjoying the one morning a week I have with just Adelaide. I mean, I have the very best of intentions, but then again I did last summer too. I had an actual list of people I wanted to get together with, playdates to plan, outings to take, etc. I did, maybe, half of it. And with an infant? I just don't know if I can make it work. Am I just wishing to get back to the way things were when I had just one little sidekick? Spending our every minute together, hanging out and having fun?
For now, though, I'm committed. I say we plan a few roadtrips, a trip to visit family, and lots of playing with friends. I'll keep you posted!
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