Friday Finds

I'm so excited to share my finds this week, but even more excited to hear about yours! If you've posted any links on your blog this week, please share a link so we can see what you've discovered, and if you're blog-free but have something fun to share leave a comment. I can't wait to see the goodies you have to contribute!

@Cottage Industrialist: Love this math-y memory game. Such a simple idea and adaptable to so many skill levels!

@Restoration Place: Great idea for a handwashing lesson. My kids wash their hands, but they just. don't. get. it. I think that this wonderfully visual example is just what we need!

@maya*made: More on stamping with kids. We love this foam stamp idea, and have used it many times, but not in big clever!

@The Long Thread: A lovely way to adorn a tote with a favorite piece of child's artwork.

@This Little Project: Jedda has a fantastic way to organize and corral your child's collection of art supplies. I just love this solution!

@Katie's Nesting Spot: A fun way to put a bit of math and counting into lunch. What fun :)

@Our Big Earth: Love this robot costume, and the boy-craftiness about it (although I know plenty of girls who would love this too!)

@A Bit of This and A Bit of That: What a fun way to create marbleized paper with supplies you already have. Lovely work!

@Make and Takes: Fun idea to craft up a little pot of gold and a rainbow for the little leprechauns in your family.

@Mrs. D. Lightful: What an unspeakably fantastic idea! Jelly bean bracelets!

@Scribbit: Also on the boy-front, Michelle shares her favorite read-aloud books for boys.

@Oliebollen: Has a fun printable solar system mobile to assemble, along with fun Pluto-related facts to share with the kids and plenty of other silliness!

@A Friend to Knit With:
I love these yarn bowls created papier-mache-style around a balloon form.

@Five Minutes for Books: We all enjoy the "What Makes a Rainbow" board book (at least I did the first jazillion times) , and what a fun little activity to go with it!

@Inchmark: Fantastic idea for handmade birthday cards for kids. Includes candy, which should please any child (especially my sugar-deprived ones!)

@Happythings: One of our favorite all-time snacks, peanut butter balls (a.k.a. energy balls, since all that protein really keeps you going!

Have a fantastic weekend!
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