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I don't like bibs.  Good ones are stiff and uncomfortable, bad one have itchy velcro to chafe the back of someone's little neck.  Moreover, older kids (like my three year old son) have an unfortunate tendency to spill on themselves with impunity, but are too big for a bib, darn it.  Enter the smock.  I have a number of them that I've made (with my novice sewing skills, sorry children) and they really fit the bill.  I was so excited to find Retro Family Works and their cute, vintage-styled 'toddler toppers.' 

It's a smock, a pinafore, a protection against the inadvertent spill, but cute and stylish for kids too old for bibs.  Maybe they're too cute for mealtime protection but they're a toddler must-have in my book. 

Retro Family Works's garments (smocks, pinafores, and jumpers, too!) are stitched in high-quality fabrics from vintage fabrics, and one will be given to a kiddio reader!  Head over to Retro Family Works and select one item from the shop, and leave a comment at the giveaway entry form. What will it be? Name the specific style of toddler topper or jumper to enter!  (Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, December 16 at 8 am Pacific Time).
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