Friday Finds

I've been debating a bit about the Friday Finds...I love digging up all these goodies and sharing with you, but I don't want to push myself into the 'pro-blogger' role and force myself to stay up late every Thursday night to post when I really should be finishing off a pint of ice cream getting to bed at a reasonable time.
I guess what I'm thinking and trying to articulate is that I need to find a bit better balance with blogging and life.  I tend to focus too much on things I'm really excited about to the exclusion of mundane but often more important and precious things.  I'm already planning that the new year will bring probably-fewer but definitely-better posts.  I'm just not going to push myself to keep up, just like I would hate to think that the sweet women who write the blogs I enjoy were pushing themselves to write a post to appease me rather than spending time doing other playing trains or, um, taking a bubble bath :)

Enough rambling, and on to the finds!  There's so much great stuff out there this week, here are just a few things I've loved along with a number of great pre-Christmas giveaways I stumbled across.  Enjoy!

@RevoluzZa: Planning to make Scout a robot to snuggle with for Christmas.  Love the simplicity of this one--those Germans are such fun!

@Flipflops and Applesauce: You did see Chrissie's ABC coloring book, didn't you?

@Billy and Green: Love candy corn, and love these turkey cookies!  Would be a fun activity to occupy the kids on Thanksgiving day!

@Balancing Everything: A new favorite of mine has a great review of plastic-free play kitchen options.  She really runs the gamut from homemade to tabletop to top-of-the-line. 

@PimpStitch: Each Christmas we gift each child with a special ornament reflecting their interests from the previous year.  This year I'd like to make them, and Jingle Mouse would be a lovely choice for a little Sweet Pea I know!

@DeliciousBaby:  Great family travel advice, and just in time!

@One Pretty Thing: Has a great roundup of handmade gift ideas to make for your kids.  Love the fish-in-a-bag soap!

@PlumPudding: Another great use for cereal boxes:  turkeys!

@CraftStylish: ...because I need new loungey pants and I'm too tall to buy them at the store (my ankles get cold!)

@Knitting Iris: Painfully, painfully funny.  I'll say no more.  Now where do I find Horse Chestnuts?

@Little Nummies: Cute little acorn cookies take just a few minutes.

@Full Circle: I loved these sweet blocks.  I'm not sure quite how she painted them so perfectly, but I love the colors she used and the simplicity of them!


@Delicious Baby: is giving away a Flip Video camera and a GoGoBabyz car-seat-stroller-thing.

@Zakka Life: is offering your choice of a pair of Bugaloo soft baby shoes.

@Confessions of a Tired Supergirl: has gone overboard like me and is offering ELEVEN days of giveaways!

@Macaroni and Glue: has a beautiful handmade set of stationary for you (yes, deserve things too!).

@Northwest Mom Finds: has an Ergo baby carrier up for grabs (also for you, or for your back, at least!)

@Kiddio has a bunch of great giveaways going on--look back through the past week and check back next week for more, more, more!

How about you?  Any crafty goodness to share?  Fantastic giveaways you'd like to pass along?  Just busy getting ready for Thanksgiving? 
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