Biggest, Funnest Christmas Giveaways EVER

Dear Readers,

I so appreciate all of you. Your comments keep me going, your devotion and appreciation for posts even I think are pretty lame and uninspired really cheers me when the mommy road gets rough. I want you all to know how much this means to me so I've put together a bunch of fun giveaways before Christmas (starting next week, even!) Fun stuff for your kids, but better yet some nice things for you, since everyone knows that Santa never really gets around to mommy's list like he should. So please, stop back by to check out what's going on (there'll be some good crafty posts too!), or better yet, subscribe (it's free! click the link to learn more!) so you don't miss a thing!

xo, Amanda

p.s. I promised to tell you about the bet. Back in mid-August I somehow managed to tell my husband that I could most assuredly increase my number of subscribers tenfold within six months. I don't know how on earth I thought that would happen, but he bet me that I couldn't. At that point I couldn't back down, so I agreed. I'm not so sure what we're betting on (I'm hoping it's a new laptop since my retro iBook is driving me c-r-a-z-y), but I'm not one to shrink from a challenge, so here goes. August 15 I was hovering around 200 subscribers. If you look at that cutie little chiclet up in the right corner over my ad you'll see that we're up past 800! That's 4x, leaving just 6x to go! Now, I know you want to help me kick his bum and win the bet, so I'd love it if, first of all, you'd subscribe. Once you've done that, go tell your friends and twitter pals about these giveaways I've worked (and am still, tirelessly working) to procure for you all. Put them on your blog, Stumble them (see link at the end of the post), whatever. I've got to win! And if I do? I promise to post more often since once I ask for that new laptop I'll be able to post faster than a kid trying to hide the last of the Halloween candy!
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