Friday Finds: Double Roadtrip Roundup

Thank you all for the lovely roadtrip wishes.  We had a great trip and incredibly enough we're looking forward to the next one (remarkable since we drove the twelve hours home in one day without either fit or tantrum, or either kid asking "are we there yet?" so many times that we wished to remove them from the minivan). The big(gish) kids sat in the back and entertained themselves with a package of craft foam, some lanyard lacing, and a hole punch for almost three hours, and the baby napped.  It was delightful.  The kids even enjoyed the scenery...which was so worthwhile.  We came through Utah's Monument Valley in a rainstorm and the light was gorgeous, plus the aspen trees were at their best color in years and years on the very day we packed up and drove through the Rockies!).  We hiked up to a volcano (sadly dormant...sad for the kids anyway!), visited a farm where you can pet deer, had an amazing, amazing trip on the Grand Canyon Railway, stopped at roadside 'dinosaur tracks' (questionable at best), danced ourselves silly at a wedding (or was that the wine?), and just finally had some good time together.  Of course we missed about as much as we managed to see (Mesa Verde, for example), so no doubt another trip will be on the list.
Okay, enough about me.  I've got a huge long list for you this week, but it's just full of great ideas that I can't wait to try.  Have fun, and enjoy the weekend!  It's set to be rainy and cold here so I'm looking forward to cozying up in the basement for a couple of days of crafty fun in front of the fireplace :)

@ Handmade Homeschool: Seriously exhaustive list of ideas for handmade Christmas gifts.  I've been thinking in this vein and this list really hits the mark.
@ yoonie-at-home: Speaking of which, I'm definitely making some of these gorgeous felt peony clips for gifts.  And for me! (image via yoonie-at-home)
@ Scribbit: Tutorial for cute quickie polymer clay pumpkin earrings.  Better living through Sculpey?
@ Crafty Daisies: Tension rod + sheet + doorway = puppet theater!
@ Let's Explore: Handy list of ideas for tasks preschoolers can help out with in the kitchen.  Also really liked Natalie's book of birds :)
@ Nini Makes: A lovely little needle book/sewing kit for the little stitcher in your life.
@ A Bit of This and A Bit of That: 5 cup cake takes an equal measure of each ingredient, stir and bake.  So preschooler friendly.
@ Crafty Pod: We make a lot of books, and I was really drawn to these accordion-style ones with playing card covers.
@ Ezra Pound Cake: Big, fat cinnamon buns with piles of gooey cream cheese frosting.  Big.  Gooey.  Yum!
@ Don't Look Now: Have been drooling over this art smock pattern.  Drooling.
@ Handmade and Homebaked: I may have to upgrade my button supply, but these button rings look so fun!
@ Live 'n' Learn: Sweet little handmade game in its own little pouch. Reverses from tic-tac-toe to a magic square.  (image via live 'n' learn)
@ Make and Takes:  Candy-bedecked halloween houses.  Fun, simple, and candylicious (Base is graham crackers, so no baking!  Heat up the oven for cinnamon buns instead!)
@ Plum Pudding: Felt jungle-land to decorate for your child's beloved animal figures (oh, is that just my kid?). 
@ Skip to My Lou: Oh, the simplest ideas!  Paper dolls done ghost-style.  Super-cute and easy.
@ Pepper Paints:  Dying rice with rubbing alcohol and food coloring.  Love the vibrant colors!
@ Small Notebook: Clever ideas on organizing kids' toys and books.  Would never have thought to use the rain gutter as book storage.   (image via small notebook) 
@ Everyday Food Storage: Whole-wheat pumpkin chip cookies.   The whole wheat negates the sugar, right?
@ Camp Creek: Lovely watercolor monoprints from leaves.
@ Motherload: I'm always in the market for a good coffee cake.  I keep trying but have yet to find the perfect one...
@ Ramblings of a Crazy Woman: Simple ideas for games to play with your preschooler.
@ All Buttoned Up: Freezer paper stencils cut with a craft punch.  It seems so obvious and turns out so well!
@ Junior Society: Awe-inspiring Flickr group of handmade, felted, sewn, knitted, etc, play food.
@ Foodie Tots: After my experience with peach-almond jam, this recipe for plum-vanilla jam sounds interesting.
@ Crafty Chica: Cool idea for a mixed-media 'windchimes.'  Has inspired me to think about what I can possibly string up. (image via crafty chica)
@ Mom in Madison: On another leafy note (must get to these before the leaves fall off the trees!) crayon rubbings of leaves. Maya*made adds layers of color and watercolors for a unique autumnal effect.  Salt and Chocolate shows several leaves in layers for another great composition.  My Montessori Journey uses leaf rubbing plates (just in case I really do miss the leaves!)
@ Unplug Your Kids: Shares a unique technique for painting with saltwater to create white crystals on construction paper.  Cool idea!
@ Wondershop: Though I remain unconvinced about cooking sand in a pot on the stove, this recipe for sand clay is intriguing! 
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