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I've been trying to post for days, but my bad cold seems to be getting in the way of typing literately. Honestly, everything just comes out all wrong!  This was one of my favorite posts, though, and I thought  that it was somehow Halloween-appropriate (Since we've all been too sick to finish any of the awesome Halloween craft ideas around blogland this week.  Phooey!)

Call it a hanky, a bandanna, what have you, but have a serious handkerchief collection in this house. Sure, I had a few that I had collected from camping trips, but my husband actually uses them. To blow his nose! I had never heard of such a thing from anyone but farmers and hillbillies (no offense to farmers and hillbillies, both of which take up whole branches in my family tree). Silly me. I'm a total convert and I've always got one in my bag. Craft stores carry them in lots of colors and prints (Josie's are all shades of pink!) for around a dollar, and thrift stores often have a bevy of fun ones for a quarter or so if you're looking to start a stash of your own (since you'll soon realize just how much you need them!)

So here it is, part one in our multi-part series: things to do with....

  1. Tie it over your child's shoulder and let them use it like a doll sling. Don't freak out when your kid pretends to breastfeed the doll.
  2. Use it to hold your child's hair up (in the style of Aunt Jemima, a woman I wholly respect!) when she's in the bathtub.
  3. Tie a bundle on the end of a yardstick and tell your kid he's a hobo. Then explain what a hobo is in politically correct terms.
  4. Teach your baby to use a hanky as a lovey. They're cheap, easy to replace, and don't look too babyish when a five year old is still carrying it around. I failed at this, but it was my own fault.
  5. Sew a pacifier to the corner and give it to your paci-loving toddler at naptime so that it's easier to find in the dark.
  6. Use it to blow your nose. Tie one on your child's bedpost and let them use it to wipe away their sniffles at night.
  7. Use a clothespin or binder clip to attach it around your child's neck like super-hanky-man. I wouldn't tie it since I'm scared of choking them. A clothespin will pop off if it gets caught.
  8. Use a clothespin or binder clip to attach it around your baby's neck as an 'oops-I-forgot-my-bib' bib.
  9. Dress your kids up in chic bandanna clothing using stylish patterns from Martha Stewart (<---)
  10. Tie hankies around everyone's heads, outfit everyone with an instrument and say you're a band. Call yourselves bandannarama.
  11. Use it cape-style to keep poky hairs off a child when you're cutting their hair.
  12. Makes fun, multifunctional gift wrap. Print this list out and tuck it in the card (no! I'm kidding!).
  13. Fill with ice or frozen vegetables and fold for an ice pack (you can tie it on, too!).
  14. Tie one around your child's head for an instant pirate costume.
  15. When walking with a child, have each of you hold on to one end to keep your little one from having to hold their arm up in the air to reach yours.
  16. When walking with two children and only have one hand available you hold the middle and have each child hold one end.
  17. Tie one end to the grocery cart and have your child hold it as you walk around the store.
  18. It's an awesome burp cloth.
  19. Use it to attach things (keys? lunch?) to your backpack, purse, diaper bag, or belt loop.
  20. A damp bandanna 'round the neck keeps you cool and keeps the sun from burning the one place I inevitably forget to put sunscreen on.
  21. Hey, I swear I had more diapers! That hanky makes a handy temporary so your little one doesn't pee all over themselves (or you!) on the way home.
  22. It's a compact, washable diaper changing pad.
  23. Tie them around the leg of your jeans/around your wrist like a funky bracelet/around your head like a sweatband/around your ponytail and tell your children a fairytale about the Punky Brewster and the eighties.
  24. Makes a handy washcloth when little faces and fingers get sticky and you're not at home.
  25. Make a teddy bear parachute, then drop him from the top of the stairs and tell your children to never, never, ever try it themselves!
  26. Tie one end to a carseat/highchair and the other to a toy so your toddler can retrieve the things they throw themselves.
  27. Teach your child decorative napkin-folding with your hanky when you're waiting for ridiculously long periods at the doctor's office. (It'll come in handy during state dinners, I'm sure).
  28. It's a tiny picnic cloth for those impromptu picnics.
  29. Hankies come in handy when there aren't paper towels or napkins available.
  30. Drape it over a carseat to keep the buckles from becoming tiny branding irons in the sun.
  31. Finally, fold one in half diagonally, tie it around your neck and call yourself a cowgirl!
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