Swap Update!

Thank you all so much for your patience...let's just say that it was a bit more effort than I expected to get everyone matched up (and I think I can safely say that it'll be much easier next time!).  I decided to have a direct swap (where you and your partner send to each other) and tried hard to match families up so that everyone with two participating kids is swapping with a two kid family, the two with three kids are swapping (and the ages matched up so well!), and I was able to respect those who didn't want to ship internationally.  Phew!  I'm putting the emails together now and will send them all out within the next hour. 
In any event, let's get our kits together and plan to send them out by September 15 (I moved this out a bit since I was a little late getting the partners out; if you fail to participate or don't get around to this in a timely manner, you won't be invited back for the next swap, sorry....I hate to see disappointed children).  The basic guidelines are to put together some sort of an age-appropriate mail/stationery set.  For older children you'll likely want to send a functional set that one would use to write letters with, while younger children may prefer a set for pretend mail play.  I'm thinking that you may want to send things valued at around $10-15, but that's sort of a shot in the dark, so you may wish to confer with your your partner so that you're on the same page. 
Have a great time, and let me know if you have any questions!  I can't wait!
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