Coming Up in September: Boycraft Month!

With Josie off to school and Adelaide still thoroughly enjoying her morning nap, I'm excited to have the opportunity to spend some good boy-time with Jasper.  Sure, he's okay with the tea parties and paper dolls, and surprisingly cooperative about princess dress-up, but this kid is so naturally a boy.  Cute crafty things that Josie has been so naturally interested in just don't catch Jasper's interest the way bugs and trucks do (although I'm fortunate to have a girl who's also quite interested in bugs and trucks!), so I find myself treading new ground with him, and I'm excited.  Thus, I've decreed that September shall henceforth be known as Boycraft Month, and Kiddio shall be populated with ideas fit for boys (and girls, don't get me wrong, I'm not cuttin' y'all out!). 

So what are you doing with your boys lately?  What creative projects and ideas have you come up with? How is life with your boys?  

Like I said, it's uncharted territory for me, and I have no idea where we're headed!
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