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Well, we made it to the farm a couple of days ago and have needed a couple of days to recover. The trip itself went amazingly well (considering we were traveling with tiny people); we found a couple of carousels, a train ride, ice cream sodas, and the most awesomely delicious handmade cherry limeade I've ever tasted (at the soda shop in Hays Kansas). It even had that crispy ice that I like. I'm debating about whether I'll ever be able to have another cherry limeade for fear of ruining the memory of this one. We stayed overnight about 2/3 of the way across, which really helped since we found a hotel with a pool. The kids swam a little energy off and slept delightfully well in the first hotel experience that they can remember. On the downside, Jasper hasn't napped since Sunday (that's five days!) and is getting a bit edgy. He's trying to nap right now, but hasn't had much success in our attempts the past couple of days. There's just too much to do :)

I'll share some pictures later, but I had to share some great things I've found in catching up with you all:

  • I must find a way to do these ceramics transfers at Skinny Laminx. I've been hunting fifties/modern plates to hang on our kitchen wall and to make our own would be such fun. I was also thinking that you could do some cool kid-art ones for grandparent gifts. (image via skinny laminx)

  • I'm excited about Katy's plan for muffin tin monday over at Sycamore Stirrings. The ideas are just flying, which is a nice contrast with my usual thoughts about coming up with another creative lunch idea for the kids!

  • I'm always trying to think of creative activities to go along with the books we read (it really keeps the children thinking about what we've read), and we're definitely going to try Skip to My Lou's plan for Arnie the Doughnut. I've wanted to try making doughnuts for years (embarrassingly enough I watched Days of Our Lives for YEARS and have ever after craved Grandma Alice's homemade doughnuts), and some doughnut softies would immediately find a loving home in our play kitchen.

  • Big and Little shared her thoughts about being a conscious parent. It's something I've given a lot of thought to and really struggled with at times. I so appreciated hearing that others have this same sort of internal debate, and to see where she's taken it. I'm going to have to really give it some more thought.

  • Finally, I'd like to try these styrofoam prints at bookhoucrafts. Unfortunately I've recently donated my supply of foam meat trays, so I'll have to work on that. (image via bookhoucrafts)

Yay, now back to the vacationing!

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