Ice Treasures: link

I was looking around for something totally unrelated and stumbled upon Let's Explore, a blog serving up creative ideas for preschoolers. Today's post on Ice Treasures really caught my attention since the weather's heated up so much in the past few weeks and we've been spending as much time outside as possible (the better to let the baby sleep!). I have a few ideas lined up, but this is so cool!

(as an aside, you might want to check out the Let's Explore store where you can find some very handy art totes (empty or filled with creative goodness) and kits/busy boxes for various projects (e.g. puppetmaking). Free shipping with code "maymoms08" through the end of May. I looked and looked for the right box to put together a take-anywhere art kit like the one I had as a child and just couldn't find it among the tool and fishing tackle boxes at Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Ace, or the local hardware store. She has it!)
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