a few links and ideas to share

We're feeling a bit behind today since daddio is out of town and we're not even trying to pick up the slack. Here are a few things that I've been meaning to share:

  • Tiny Morsels shares another terrifically fun use for our under-appreciated waffle iron (mmm, I'm thinking that the melty almond [or peanut!] butter would be delicious, not to mention the other tasty options!)

  • The Small Object has a tutorial for stitching up your own reusable sandwich wrap (I've seen these, but making my own seems more fun. I'll add it to my list, which means I'll be finishing it around the time my children graduate college).

  • We eat tons of oatmeal around here. The Simple Dollar has a nice tutorial--and cost analysis--for making your own packages of instant oatmeal. I love the idea, particularly since my five year old can pretty much make instant oatmeal herself, but I might prefer to make up a big batch and measure out what I need each day rather than running through all those baggies. Oooh, also, we bought 'dinosaur egg' oatmeal one week (it had little eggs that dissolved to reveal dinosaur-shaped sprinkles-cute, but kind of icky) and once it ran out replaced it by hiding zoo-animal-shaped sprinkles at the bottom of the bowl. The kid stirs it up to see what kind of animal they got that day.

  • Finally: more on the granola front. Megan at Plum Pudding posted her recipe for chewy granola bars. Her first recipe is pretty similar to the recipe we use for granola (see our earlier post!) so I think we could throw in some of the yummy things we usually use, but I love the idea of the snackable bar. It's also on my list (ha!).

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