Jamboree #1 Update!

You peeps are amazing!  There are more than 25 entries so far, and they just keep rollin' in.  Chrissie and I extended the deadline a bit (to Friday) to give you a bit more time, and the Jamboree post will appear on Tuesday of next week (since I totally botched the date in the original post--I fixed it now, though :).
So keep the entries coming, and tell your friends!  I'll be adding a special blogroll with links to Jamboree participants, too, as added incentive!

xo, Amanda

(p.s. on a side note, if my blog starts acting all funny it's because I'm in the process of working on planning to make a move to WordPress.  I'll do my best to keep out of your way, but I'm so excited about the new possibilities and the cool blog features I'll be able to bring you, my amazingly awesome, ego-boosting readers!)
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