Hatch a Brood of Pecking Chicks

In spite of a bit of snow (rather than the full-force blizzard we were promised), we're still feeling the Spring love. Bring a little Spring to your craft table with these simple pecking chicks!

Cut circles of cardstock in various sizes (I used my circle cutter, but they don't need to be perfect...you can even use paper plates for a larger chick), and fold in half. We used markers, googly eyes, and feathers to decorate ours. Set them on a flat surface and bob their nose down to set them pecking!

Daisy was concerned that they have a place to sleep and a nice place to scratch so she made this chick a little home. The other baby chicks have yet to hatch (see the pretty blue eggs in the nest?), but I'm sure we'll be adding plenty more babies our brood this Spring!

Tune in tomorrow for the Jamboree!
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