Friday Finds

@Tipnut: I'd love to try out this recipe for a this homemade kitchen hand scrub.  It promises to remove stinky garlic odors!

@ParentDish: Seemingly-frugal-but-really-expensive mistakes that break your budget.  Such common sense (which is probably why I've made more than one of these).

@My Little Gems: We've been alternating lovely weather and drizzle, so these great rainy day ideas and themed books really caught my eye!

@The {NewNew}: A recipe for recycling scrap paper into paintable beads (and a moldable paper material that I can think of plenty of other uses for!).

@The Unexpected: Amazingly wonderful idea for a dragon-themed set of lacing beads.  Such a simple concept that could be adapted any number of ways!

@Pepper Paints: Can't wait to try this recipe for homemade poster paints.  Now on the hunt for powdered tempera!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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