Friday Finds

I'm a little link-weary from Tuesday's Jamboree (yay, big success!!), but I have a few things this week that I can't help but share (before I get back to work on my secret blog things).

@Let's Explore: Daisy's into origami, although her fingers haven't quite caught up.  These cute origami bunnies seem like just her speed.

@Whimsy Love: I knew that there must be a simpler method for DIY screenprints, and she found it!

@Adventures with Mimi: Create your own backyard bird buffet with snack-o's that you've got around your kitchen.  

@This Little Project: Yummy little bird's nests for your pet Peep.  Might be a bit of marshmallow overload (just kidding--can you really have too much marshmallow?)

@The Artful Parent: Wet-felted easter eggs.  So simple and colorful, it's our Good Friday craft (since school is out!), and I'm sure the boy will really be into it.

@Painting Pink Pajamas: You know that we love clothespins, and I just adore this little clothespin gator.  The possibilities are endless!

@Frugal Family Fun Blog: These field guides will be great for camping this summer.  I'm thinking birds, footprints, other signs of wildlife?  Will hopefully reduce whining at mile two.

@Craft Jr: Fun little Spring-y fingerpuppets made from crafty mainstays (I've got more pom-poms and googly eyes than I know what to do with, so this surely makes our project list!).

@Dollar Store Crafts:  I also have plenty of stickers, and I know that the kids will love trying out this idea for sticker-resist dyed eggs.  I see dino eggs in our future.

@Summer Sky: And we'd like to try dying our eggs with natural stuff this year (I mean to try this every year, but this one for sure, right?)
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