Have Fun with an Indoor Treasure Hunt!

We're looking forward to another windy, snowy day tomorrow after a few lovely ones in a row. The kids' energy has just been building and building and we're going to need something to burn a good bit of it off if we're going to be stuck inside all afternoon. How about an indoor treasure hunt?

It can be as simple or complex as you like, and is a piece of cake to put together before you sit down for a few minutes of peace while the children seek out their prize. 


Gather scraps of paper, post-its, or index cards.  On each card, write a clue to guide the child to the next clue.  Here are some we've used:


Where you put your clothes when they're dirty.
Every day letters and packages arrive here!  Are there any for you?
Every Spring we plant spinach and carrots here...


Yo, ho ho!  [they're to look in the Playmobil pirate set]
Every Wednesday something arrives here.... [the milk box on the front porch]
This makes something go around to play music. [the record player]

For non-readers you can draw a picture if you want them do do it independently (like my silly toaster?).  Sometimes I make these a bit more cryptic than the obvious toaster, like a skull and crossbones for the pirate set, or ice cubes for the freezer.  The tougher the clues the longer it takes! 

On the back of each card write the location where you should hide the clue.  It makes it infinitely easier than trying to work backwards.

I like to leave a little something at the end of the hunt.  One day it was leftover birthday cupcakes, another it was a note telling the kids to bundle up so we could play outside and earn ourselves a cup of cocoa!

What do you do to keep everyone entertained for a day of indoor play?
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