Fall Leaves to Color

Fall feels like it's just slipped by us, but we found some time the other day to make some pretty fall leaves to brighten up our windows.  It was such fun, all three kids really got into it...even the baby's little scribbles turned out cute leaves.  
  • white coffee filters
  • markers
  • squirt bottle filled with water
  • dry dishtowel
  • scissors 
  • iron 
  • Set your iron to high and iron your filters flat, then use your scissors to cut out some cute leaf shapes.  We did poplars, maples, oak, and other assorted made up leaves :)
  • Color neatly or scribble all over the leaves, your choice.  I like using colors that are pretty compatible (e.g. red-orange-yellow or orange-brown-yellow) so that they don't turn really muddy when they mix together.
  • Place your colored leaf on the towel and spray until pretty wet.  The colors will bleed together for a nice fall effect.  
We're saving ours to decorate our Thanksgiving table along with our teepee and Native American peg doll.  I'm thinking we may add a little pilgrim to the mix!  We're heading out east a bit to spend the day with my grandparents and keeping dinner simple....although there'll definitely be a homemade pie! What are your plans for the big day?
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