Friday Finds

@ Tangled and True: They came across this amazing pewter Christmas ornament kit.  Check it out for a full description.  Neat idea!
@ Folding Trees: Fun little paper beads to make out of cut-outs. 

@ Comox Valley Kids: Sweet paper bracelets use all that super-cute scrapbooking paper you've been hoarding.  Nice flower technique for other projects, too. (image via comox valley kids)
@ Wee Wonderfuls: Fun doll-puppet to make out of a wooden spoon.  Love the beehive hairdo :)
@ Goody-Goody: Neat technique for covering cheap plastic beads with fabric.  (also check out her matyroshka and robot tooth fairy pillows)
@ 30 Handmade Days: Is it fair to link to a list of links?  Lots of good ideas on their girly hair clip and headband tutorial link list.
@ Crazy Mom Quilts: I stumbled across this nice tutorial for making cloth storage bins when I was looking for ways to organize my desk so that I can actually use it.  (oddly, her name is Amanda Jean too!)
@ Skip to My Lou: Tutorial for stitching up a cloth diaper for your little one's baby dolls.  My children always want to diaper their babies, stuffed animals (and the baby, but that's a whole post right there) and I'm sure would love these.
@ Sanrio: Love these printable paper models of the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) and accessories.  Nice to know that Sanrio's not putting all their eggs in the Hello Kitty basket. (image via sanrio)
@ Blue Yonder: Homemade peanut butter!
@ Maya*made:  You've probably already found Maya's great blog, but I just loved this book that she found and the very cute (and easy) tabletop easel and art caddy she whipped up.  Such great ideas!
@ Paint in My Hair: Also found this tutorial to make these amazing slip-covers for plastic crates.  I have a bunch of these (a mite ugly), and this would really spruce them up!
@ Unplug Your Kids: Another great list of quality chapter books for early readers.  We picked up some of the Cobble Street books from the previous installment and they are truly perfect.
@ Chica Schmica:  DIY textured paint rollers--fun idea for exploring textures!
@ The Long Thread: A Halloween craft- and product-round-up.  Some great ideas already, and she'll be adding them as the month goes on.
@ Wise Bread: Recipes for DIY bread machine mixes.  Not so crafty, but I would probably be more consistent with the bread machine if I did this...Also liked the DIY muffin mix at Lost Button Studios.
@ Joyful AbodeCinnamon-sugar-donut-muffins.  This could be a bad habit, but certainly an easier one to keep up with than an addiction to the baked donuts at 101 Cookbooks.
@ Domestic Goddess: Oh mercy, these mini-notebooks are incredibly cute.  (image via domestic goddess) 
@ Whispering Wind: Printable paper houses--put them in the light and see the color shine through.
@ The Wondershop: Concise top-ten list of everything a creative family needs (note, new box of crayons didn't make the list).
@ Sycamore Stirrings: A recipe for Mother's Animal Cookies--done up homestyle without the waxy glaze, but with the pretty sprinkles!  Josie's been asking for a bag of these, now we can do it ourselves! (image via sycamore stirrings)
@ Casa Sugar: DIY wall decals.  I'd been wanting to get some of these but never found any I just loved.  This could be my solution!
@ Make and Takes:  How to color pasta for necklaces and other kid-crafts.  Love this!
@ Little Birdie Secrets: Will have to make some of these super-simple lacing cards for our roadtrip next week.  Cute hedgehog!
@ Juicy Bits: Very well-done tutorial shows how to stitch up a lovely felt crown for your little one. 

What have you found/done this week that you'd like to share?  Have a great weekend! 
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