Friday Finds

Okay, so I think I may've gone off the deep end a bit this week. I just found so many great things to share that I couldn't restrain myself! We're headed out to go camping this morning, so we'll be away for the weekend, then the next two weeks are going to busy. I'll be posting, but it may be a bit quiet :)

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@ Chow: Their list of fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches made me think that my own lunch could be better...even when the kids are eating sharp cheddar on wheat!
@ Dizzy Dee & Her Cup Overfloweth: Cake in three minutes sounds too good to be true! I can't promise that it's delicious, but I can promise that I'll try it and let you know :)
@ Wild Parenting: Insights into giving children the freedom to learn. Sometimes this feels like we're swimming against the current, but this article is so encouraging!
@ Simple Mom: Great tips for simple things you can do to green-up your housekeeping. I have to say, we swapped out our paper towel habit for a pack of twenty Costco washcloths a few years ago and have never looked back! Great ideas here, some of which will make your life easier (no pre-rinsing dishes! keep lights off!)
@ Chez Pim: I admit, I love toaster pastries, but I haven't eaten them since Josie stopped napping. This recipe for homemade pop-tarts may fire my habit back up! (image via: chez pim)
@ Skip to My Lou: Great list of homemade bookmark ideas. Some of the simpler ones are very kid-friendly and would make nice gifts for the adults in their life.
@ International Children's Digital Library: Their interface may not be the easiest, but I really enjoyed browsing through their full-text and illustration selection of foreign children's books with Josie. It was such fun to see the themes and illustrations from abroad (even if the stories remain a bit of a mystery...)
@ Live 'n Learn: Tutorial for printing on wooden squares. Would make for a nice homemade memory game.
@ UK lass in US: Don't miss this tutorial for making a cloth dollhouse. I'm crafty, and a good sewer, and I could probably make this...but probably won't get around to it. It's just so freakin' awesome!
@ D Goddess: Simple homemade celebration banner...another one to make and keep then whip out when celebration strikes!
@ How About Orange: Super-cute redo for decorating favorite office supplies with fabric (ah, two of my favorite supplies and fabric).
@ Maya Made: Fun tutorial for monsters done with blown paint. The wiggly eyes are so fun, and I liked how fun this was for a boy and a girl, older and younger. Love the display, too!
@ Wee Life: Don't miss these fun scavenger hunt printables! I just love this. (image via: wee life)
@ Chasing Cheerios: A recipe for homemade watercolor paints. I've been wanting to try this!
@ Muses of Megret: Yes, the job jar! I'd forgotten that this was on my mental list!
@ Bienvenue: Oh, wow. I've thought of popcorn and cranberries, but candy corn garlands? Genius!
@ Creative Chicks at Play: Tutorial for a magnetic bulletin board. The twist is that it's covered with fabric!
@ Plum Pudding: Making almond fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese holiday of Mid-Autumn, as well as some fun Chinese cultural ideas and information.
@ Daily Monster: Check out the movies of creating monsters. I love the idea of starting with an inkblot!
@ Rookie Moms: Easy pattern for making kids' pants from an old t-shirt. I'm thinking jammies...
@ Schlosser Design: Painted pumpkin rocks, since you know that Halloween is sneaking up on you!
@ Zakka Life: Gorgeous idea for a sweet bluebird card (click through for the surprise behind the wing!) (image via: zakka life)

Have a fantastic weekend :)
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