Friday Finds

Happy Friday!  I'm revamping our Friday link roundup a bit--it's now "Friday Finds" and the format will be a bit simpler.  I've been finding so many clever ideas to share that I just can't be so wordy with each one...simplifying will allow me to find and pass along more creative stuff and it should be easier for you to navigate.  Enjoy!
  • @ Forty-Two Roads: New patterns for a set of mod cardboard  furniture for your dollies.  Wondering if I could scale it up to life size...I love that coffee table! (image via forty-two roads) 
  • @ Zakka Life: You might like her miniature bowls for your dolly-sized fruit...finally another use for egg cartons!
  • @ Mom in Madison: Celebrated back-to-homeschool day with a worm-hunting dirt-dig!   Go boycraft
  • @ Simple Mom: Finally, some good ideas about organizing the photos...the thousands of photos I've taken in the past five years.  Don't miss this one if you're living with the same (happy) problem! 
  • @ Julie K in Taiwan: In the boycraft vein, Julie came up with some cool robot-themed crafts.  The robot prints are genius, and I love the robots made from recyclables.  
  • @ The Artful Parent: Shared her method for making marbelized paper with shaving cream!  I can't get over how many off-label uses there are for this stuff :)
  • @ Little Birdie Secrets: Tutorial for stitching up a super-simple diaper /wipe case.  I totally botched my own attempt, so I'm planning to redeem myself with this one.
  • @ Confessions of a Bakeaholic: Muffins with a secret raspberry-cream cheese filling.  May quell my cravings for danish!
  • @ Unplug Your Kids: Used beads to create musical 'cricket chirping' sticks.  I was hoping to find a good idea to go with our cigar-box guitar, paper mache maracas, and oatmeal canister drum! 
  • @ Flipflops and Applesauce:  Shares a clever way to turn toilet paper tubes into cuff bracelets.  Cute! 
  • @ maya*made: I'm a sucker for a sundae.  I'm looking forward to trying Maya's butterscotch and hot fudge sauce recipes!
  • @ Chasing Cheerios: Has been sharing creative ideas for gifts.  I love her puzzle blocks!
  • @ Make Baby Stuff: A great list of tutorials for creating natural baby toys.  So many ideas here, and they really, actually look like fun--some nice projects to create with an older child for his/her younger sibling... 
  • @ Wee Life: Took the watercolors outside to paint with frayed sticks, leaves, and other forest goodies.  I love teaching kids to think outside the (paint) box. (Also, if you liked the bananaplane last week, check out this week's bananasub!) (image via wee life)

What fun ideas have you come across this week?
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