Nine Ideas to Keep your Summer Movin' Slow

I swore it wouldn't happen, but here I sit. Summer is half-over. School starts in less than six weeks and we've barely accomplished anything on my 'things to do this summer while the kids are little and fun' list. I'm sure my extended roadtrip (and the extended recovery time) contributed, as will our upcoming trips into the mountains (this weekend) and to California (next week), not to mention the heat that's been hanging around and sapping my energy. I'm definitely planning to squeeze a few more things in before fall sneaks up. Here's what I'm committed to:
  • Spend plenty of time at the sprayground (basically a squirty fountain for kids to run around in). It's a nice choice with the baby since mommies don't have to get in, and it runs a ton of energy off on a day when it's otherwise too hot to run.
  • Hit Lakeside, our local vintage amusement park. Our kids are too little for Six Flags (and I'm not looking forward to a time that they're old enough!), but this sweet little place is a nice spot for families, with a carousel, little train around the lake, and the "wild chipmunk" roller coaster. They have big rides too, but I think we'll stick to the bumper cars for now.
  • Make up a big batch of bubble solution and some DIY bubble wands. Adrienne at Baby Toolkit posted a bubble recipe and has inspired me to hit the Target dollar section for some cheap wands rather than always doing it myself. I'll use the time I save to make Betz White's super foamerator!
  • More shady picnics. We've done this a few times at a creek near our house, usually accompanied by a walk (daddio and me)/bike ride (the big kids) and it's always a hit, but I must broaden my horizons.
  • Go berry picking and make more jam. We usually do this in June, but late frosts quashed the early strawberry harvest. We still have red and gold raspberries to go, though, and the August berries are definitely good, even if they're not nearly as tiny and sweet as the June crop. This is a great activity for even the littlest kids, who can 'help' by keeping the berry basket from overflowing...
  • Make some of Marie's "wet water sponge toys" at Make and Takes. I've seen other patterns for these around lately, but I've had my eye on her tutorial since last fall!
  • Head to the high country for day hikes. You may be surprised to learn that Denver isn't actually in the mountains and that it gets to be pretty hot here. It's dry, which is nice, but still--hot! We're fortunate to be able to take advantage of a ton of hiking opportunities and even a year-round glacier within an hour's drive. Rather than sweating it out, I should really pack a picnic and head for the hills.
  • Visit Belleview Park. It's a lovely park south of Denver which sports a clean wading stream for children, a little train ($1), and a pretty decent petting zoo ($1). Again, any opportunity to run some energy off and some good water play where I don't have to get too wet sounds great.
  • Invite friends over to sip limeade and play in our cool, shady backyard. I really got off to a good start on this one (a few playdates and a couple of families over for dinner on the grill), but with the roadtrip, well, my good intentions have fallen off (sorry friends!) and my kids are missing their buddies!
I actually have managed to knock a few things off of our list, like swimming at the pool a lot, taking a roadtrip to visit family, doing farm things, eating a lot of fruit, and just trying to chill out a bit. Oh, and at the top of my list as we planted our garden this spring was to keep some little old bottles I've collected filled with the kids' flower pickings.

What's on your list for the rest of the summer?
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