...and now back to our irregularly scheduled programming...

Well, we made it home about a week ago.  Our roadtrip stretched to almost ten days of fun, my folks left Tuesday, a few hours before my wonderful husband (who has been on what amounts to a ten-week business trip) cruised into the drive with a 26' moving truck plus car trailer a few hours later (no, we're not planning on moving, but we may have to consider it with all the stuff he brought home).  In any event my plans to blog more from the road (or at least when I got home!) were undone by my need for a vacation.  I'm sure you understand. 

Anyway, to break my own little case of writer's block, here are a few wonderful things that caught my eye from the past few weeks:
  • Parent Hacks has a bundle of good info to keep you sane on the road with your little ones.   If I had only found it 1800 miles ago!
  • I love these post-it notebooks at Greeting Arts.  I've thought of doing something similar in a tiny-matchbook style, but these would actually be useful!  and cute!
  • I really liked Plum Pudding's tutorial for making sit-upons.  I admit that I don't have any great need for sit-upons (yet!), but that oilcloth makes me want some of my very own.
  • Mom in Madison has a clever twist on the texture stone idea.  This really appeals to me since we keep making these and have nothing to do with them!
  • Josie would like to try this tin-punching project--especially since our travel through pioneer country has her all into pioneer stuff.
  • I always enjoy hearing what's new at Mary Beth's house, and her post on Salt and Chocolate really inspired me..
  • Daddio won't let me paint anything on Adelaide's walls, and this hand-cut felt mural would work very well to work around his obnoxiousness.
  • Finally, I have a paper obsession, so check out this list of paper toys at the Long Thread.
I'll be back in a day or two with news from our roadtrip (or 'roadride' as Josie used to say but doesn't (sniff!) anymore)!

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